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Non-Classical Guitar Links

More Guitar Links
This alphabetical list was compiled from a number of different sources and we would like to thank all those people for their efforts. The organizations listed in bold are sites that we think merit special attention because of either content or design. We would like this page of links to be as complete as possible; if you know of a site that is not listed, or a link that is no longer functioning, please contact us at Yellow Tail Records!

Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar Magazine

Acoustic Musician

Adam Fitch's Guitar Tab Land

Adam Schneider's Guitar/Tab Archive



Art Austria Management

The Ashly Audio Inc. Home Page


Bem's Guitar Chord Archive

Benedetto Guitars

Bonners Music (UK)

The Bottom Line Archive

BPM Music Express

Brad's Page of Steel

Brady's Guitar Page

Breedlove Guitars

Brian Goff's Bizarre Guitars

Brighton Guitar Centre (UK)

Buscarino Guitars

Callaham Vintage Guitars & Parts

M. Campellone Guitars

Case the Music

Cedar Park Music Store

Chappell Guitars

Chords & Lyric charts

Chord of the Month

Circuit Rave Review

Classical Guitar

Classical Guitar (Japan)

Classical Guitar Homepage

Clayton Guitar Picks

Cort Guitars

Daddy's Music


Dan Cox's Flamenco Page

Data Music

Dave's Links to Guitar Resources

Dean Markley

Digital Guitar

DTK Homepage


Edenhaus Custom Guitar

ESP Guitars

F Guitars

Fender Axe Dater

Leo Fenders page at the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame

Fender World

Field & Franz - Guitar/Viola Duo

Finger-style Guitar

Flightcases.com (UK-based)

The Florida Music Netsource

Bob Frazier's Music Page

Freeware Sound Archive

Fret'n Fiddle


FutureNet : Total Guitar

Fretlight Guitar Site

George's Music

Gibson's Search Facilities

Graph Tech Guitar Labs

Grimes Archtop Guitars

Gruhn Guitars


Guitar and Lute

Guitar-Book.com (Intuition Guitar: Books, ebooks, tutorials) - New Listing!

Guitar Center-San Jose

Guitar Gallery of Houston

Guitar Geek

Guitar Glove


Guitars, Guitars, Guitars

Gibson USA Home Page

Gruhn Guitars Home Page

Guitar Foundation of America '95

Guitar Freak

Guitar Garage

Guitar Goodies

Guitar Instruction

Guitar Lessons FTP

Guitar Larry

Guitar Link

Guitar Maniac

Guitar Mecca

Guitar Player

Guitar Player Gopher

Guitar Player Gopher

Guitar Resources on the Net


Guitar Societies

Guitar Survey

Guitar World Online/Lessons

Guitar Space

Guitar Workshop Home Page

The Guitar Notes of Jason Nieh

Guitar Techniques

Guitar World Online

Guitar Zone

Guitarrabrava - Excellent Classical Guitar Resource Site

Haight Ashbury Music Center

Hal Leonard Online

Harmony Central: Bass Resources

Harmony Central: Guitar Resources

Harper's Guitars

Heavy Metal Bass Tab Page

HMJ Electronics

HotLicks Home Page

Ibanez Guitars


Internet Guitarists Network

Internet Vintage Guitar

Interstate Music Supply

Italia Leather Straps - New Listing!

Jack's Guitar Page


Jan-Erik's Guitar Archive


Jazz Education and Musicianship

Jazz Guitar Online

Jazz Guitar Resources

JAZZ Online

Jazz Improv

"A Jazz Improvisation Primer"

Jeff's Page - Lefty Guitars

John Singewald NGA

Kabloziy Page


Kev's Guitar Page

Keyboard : System-Exclusive

Killer Bass FAQ

Lark in the Morning

Kyle's Virtual Guitar Lesson

Lead Guitar Competition

Leeds Guitarmakers Workshop

The Searchable LEO Music Index

Leper's Musical Circuits Archive

Liam's Guitar and Bass Page

Library of Musical Links

Linda Manzer Guitars

Lyrics & Tab Database

Main Street Music

Make Music

Mammoth Music

Mandolin Brothers

Manne Guitars

Marchione Guitars

Mark Hewin's Guitar Page

Martin Guitars

Mary's Music

Matlin Guitars


Michagan Guitar Trader

Mid Atlantic Music

Midi Guitar

Mike's Guitar Page

MisterBee's Guitar Shop

MJ Guitar Engineering

Modulus Graphite Home Page

MSTEM Guitars

MTV Online

Music Gear Marketplace

Music Instruction Software

Musicians Discount Warehouse

Musician's Friend

Musician's Institute

Nacho's Tab Page


Northwest Classical Guitar Society

Online Guitar Archive

On-Line Guitar Archive Search

Online Chord Encyclopaedia

Open Tunings

Optek Guitars

Otis Tomas

Outlaw Guitars


Paul Reed Smith Guitars Intro Page

Peavey World

Pilot Recording Studios

Players School Of Music

Portland Guitar Society

POS Tape to CD

Progression- The Future of Music and Guitar

Progressive Music

Quasar Steel Guitar

Rancho Pythagoroso Guitars

Reality Source






Recycler Classifieds


The Rickenbacker Page

Rivera Guitar Amplifiers

Robin Guitars

Rod & Hank's Vintage Guitars

Roger's Page of Guitar Wizardry

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Rock City Music


Rocktron Amps


Rose Morris Musical Instruments

Rosewood Guitar

Route 66 Guitars

Rude's Guitar Shop

Russo Music Center

Sadowsky Guitars

Shoreline Acoustic Music

Shubb Capos

Siddhartan's Guitar Page

Simpson-James Guitars

Six String.Com

Skyline Music

Song Bird on the Wire

Sovtek Amplifiers

Spencer Doidge's Guitar Page

Stacy's Music Shop

Starr Labs

Stephen Holst Guitars

Stick & Play Musical Products

Stick Wire

Sunhawk Corporation (Sheet Music)

Sweetwater Sound

Synth Zone - Synth & MIDI links

Takamine Guitars

The Telecaster Page From Fenders Online Catalog

The Telecaster Appreciation Page

Tim Baxter's Gretsch Page

Todd's Bass Lessons Page

Total Guitar

Travis Bean Guitars

The Ultimate Band List

USA New Gear Price

USA Used Gear Price List

Victor Litz Music Center

Home of Vintage Guitar Magazine

Vintage Guitar Magazine

Vintage Instruments

Virtuoso Vintage Guitars

Warr Guitars

Welcome To Washburn

Web Guitar Resources

Wood Use in Guitar Construction

World of Audio

World Wide Web of Music

WWW Guitar Advisor

Yahoo - Guitar

Yahoo - Music:Studios

3Chords: Music, Guitar, Chords, Software

Guitar and Lute Societies
Austin Classical Guitar Society

European Guitar Teachers Associaton (U.K.)

Baltimore Classical Guitar Society

Calgary Classical Guitar Society

Centro Chitarristico Toscano (Italy)

Charlottesville Classical Guitar Society

The Guitarists Assoc. of Chelyabinsk

Colorado Classical Gutiar Society

Columbus Guitar Society

Connecticut Classical Guitar Society

Dutch Lute Society

Edmonton Classical Guitar Society

The Guitar Society of Evansville

Fort Worth Classical Guitar Society

Guitar Societies

Hong Kong Guitar Information Alliance

Japanese Classical Guitar Society

Lute Discography

LuteList of American Lute Society (gopher)

Lute Society of America Page

Lute Societies in Japan

Manchester Guitar Circle

Minnesota Guitar Society

Societe de Guitare de Montreal

New Mexico Guitar Society

National Guitar Academy

Northwest Classical Guitar Society

Omni Foundation

Orange County Guitar Circle

Philadelphia Classical Guitar Society

Piedmont Classic Guitar Society

Portland Guitar Society

Regina Classical Guitar Society

Dante Rosati

Seattle Classical Guitar Society   


South Bay Guitar Society

South Texas Classical Guitar Society

Stotsenberg International Guitar Competition

Swedish Guitar and Lute Society

Sydney's Classical Guitar Society Home Page

Classic Guitar Society of Tallassee

Tidewater Classical Guitar Society

The Guitar Society of Toronto

Tri Cities Guitar Society

Tucson Guitar Society

Victoria Guitar Society (BC, Canada)

Other Lute Societies

Simon Ambridge

Vincent Carrillo

Brian Cohen

Sean Hancock 

Dirk Janssen

Edward B. Jones 

Bert Kwakkel

Leeds Guitarmakers' School

Lewe Guitar Makers

Rohan Lowe

Adrian Lucas

Colin Morison

Guitarmakers in Grenada

John Ray

Famous Guitarmakers Internet World Headquarters

Ask the Luthier: Abe Wechter's contribution to Guitar Net

Guitar Makers & Repairpeople

Notable American Luthiers

Australian guitarmaker Jeff Kemp's Pages

CustomAX Guitars

Abe Wechter "Ask the Guitarmaker"

Sampaolo guitars home   


Lute Links
Allan Alexander's Guitar and Lute Page

LuteList of American Lute Society (gopher)

The Lute Society of America Page!

Composers for the Lute by Duke University

Lutes-page by Wayne Cripps

Lute and Guitar page by Allan Alexander

The Guitar and Lute Music Page by Stanley

Lute & Percussion Duet (with related Lute Sites   









Web-chat about guitar   


Classical Guitar Archives, Resources, and Stores
Amber Rose Guitar Music

Articles about guitar and composers

Bonners Music (UK Retail Store)

Classical Guitar Composers List

Classical Guitar FAQs

Classical Guitar Music Shop

CGS Music (Classical Guitar Sheet Music)


Guitar And Lute Issues (Orphée on line magazine)

Guitar Review Classical Guitar Website

GuitarTAB - Online TAB Resource

Hong Kong Guitar Information Alliance (GIA)

Index of guitar archive classical music

International Guitar Research Archive

Italian General Archive of Music Sources

Jubing's Free Classical Guitar Music (Music from Indonesia)

On-line Guitar Archive

Pong's Classical Music Page

Spanish Guitar Shop

Stotsenberg International Classical Guitar Competition

Technical Guitar FAQS compiled by Tim Stanley

Sycamore Series Classical Guitar Publications

World Music Supply 

Classical Guitar Magazine (UK)

Other Guitar Links

Other Guitar Links

GuitarTAB - Online TAB Resource 

New Classical Guitar Rest